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Welcome To Emerson Financial

Emerson Financial is an established Mortgage Brokerage firm specializing in the financing of residential property throughout California. We work to obtain the best financing available to meet our client's needs, whether for the refinance of an existing loan or new financing for the purchase of a home. A refinance may include cash out for remodeling, college tuition or for investment property or simply to obtain a better interest rate and/or loan terms. We are one of the most service oriented Real Estate Finance companies in the Bay Area, utilizing our expertise and efficiency to cater to the special needs of our clients. Our top priority is to meet the financial needs of our client with the best loan terms available. Our commitment to personalized service is of utmost importance.

We have excellent sources for many types of loans and lending situations.

Our advantage is our knowledge and extensive experience, as well as our long standing reputation for personalized professional service and integrity.

Get prequalified for a home loan and shop with confidence!

Our mortgage experts will help you find the best options for your home mortgage. Whether you are looking to buy your next home or starting out as a first-time home buyer, our loan officers are here to answer your questions and find the mortgage that's right for you.

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